Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit gets underway in Warsaw


A rich and diverse program – this is a constant distinguishing feature of Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit. This year, we have prepared expert discussion panels to inspire a wider reflection, e.g. on the role of leadership in extremely uncertain conditions (Leadership in times of unpresidented uncertainty and crisis or Role of female leaders in fighting climate and pandemic crisis), the role of organizations in a pandemic world (COVID as CTO – organizations after COVID. How crisis will change the way we run business and organizations or What COVID showed us about diversity and inclusion?), about the challenges of implementing 5G networks (5G – debunking the myths), about female startups (eg Female-lead Startups – future of innovation?) and Polish successes in the gaming industry (eg The power of Polish gaming industry revealed).

Career Expo i Job board

43 top technology companies are waiting at their e-stands to talk about job/apprenticeship opportunities there. It will be possible to make individual video calls or to leave your CV. At a time when contact with potential employers is very difficult – it is a great opportunity to plan the next step in your career. Among the companies co-creating Career Expo, you will find such global giants as: Intel, Google, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Citi, Cisco, 3M, UBS, HSBC, Huawei, P&G and others.


Summit is also an opportunity to meet 1: 1 with Mentors from technology companies. The meeting lasts 30 minutes and can change your life. You can learn first-hand about the specifics of their work and advise on career planning and development in the world of technology Mentors List. Booking takes place directly on the Swapcard event platform. You can do it in advance, even before the event (recommended).


The special guest of the event is Anna Lee Fisher, the legendary NASA astronaut – the first mother in space.

Summit is immersion in the latest technological knowledge. In addition to specialized 40 (!) Techtalks, you will be able to listen to the leaders of the most important technology companies in the world – including Jeni D. Panhorst, Vice President, Data Platforms Group, General Manager, Intel, June Yang, Vice President, General Manager, Google Compute Engine, Angelika Gifford, Vice President Central Europe, Facebook, George Lee, Chief Information Officer at Goldman Sachs,Kristine Braden, Managing Director Europe Cluster Head, CEO of CGME, Citi,Juliena Ducarroza, CEO Orange Polska, Emilia Burzyńska, Chief Information Officer Central Europe, Dr. Denise Rutherford, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs, 3M, Catherine Chen, Corporate Senior Vice President and Director of the Board, Huawei, Dr Merrion Edwards, Director Global Market & Technology Development, Wendy Mars, President Cisco EMEAR Region, Marieke Flament, CEO of Mettle, Magdalena Tarasiewicz, IB Tech Digital Platform Lead. In total, 150 top-class speakers will perform at Summit!

The opening ceremony of Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2020 will be attended – in real time – by Mariya Gabriel, the charismatic European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Education and Youth, who has been fighting for the presence and visibility of women in the IT area for years. In addition, we will host Rafał Trzaskowski, Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher (USA) and Leslie Scanlon (Canada), Rector Bogumiła Kaniewska and Minister Anna Budzanowska (Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

Virtual Dance Party

On the first day of Summit, we invite everyone to the unique Virtual Dance Party. You will see how it will look. But get ready to celebrate together :)

The best universities in the world

We cultivate knowledge and science. This year we are honored to host world-class researchers –Prof. Jennifer Widom, dean of Stanford School of Engineering, Prof. Marta Kwiatkowska, IT specialist from Oxford University, Siri Chilazi, diversity expert in Harvard Kennedy School organizations and Margot Gerritsen, founder of “Women in Data Science” at Stanford University. Kozminski University is organizing a debate on future of work together with Harvard and MIT. The best Polish technical universities are partners of the event. Women in Computer Science Oxford University and the University of Wrocław are partners of the “II Seminar for Computer Science Researchers”.

Accompanying events

Parallel to Summit, several specialist events will take place, incl.

  • II Seminar for Computer Science Researchers
  • Cyber Women Community Meetup
  • Meeting of the Female Mathematics Society
  • Intel MasterClass
  • Inauguration of the Shesnnovation Academy – a joint project of Perspektywy and Citi Foundation.

Detailed info and registration at AGENDA

TOP-15 Kobiet w 5G

Women in 5G is a list of 15 outstanding women who professionally deal with 5G, looking at it from various perspectives (among others technological, legal, business or scientific). The purpose of the TOP lists announced since 2019 in connection with the Summit conference is to draw attention to the problem of the lack of women in the field of technology, in specific narrow fields. And since in 2020, the year of the pandemic, 5G network (and more broadly: the entire telecommunications industry) is a hot topic, the leitmotif of this year’s list of outstanding experts in technology is the fifth generation standard. The celebration of experts distinguished in the TOP-15 Women in 5G will take place on December 8 at 20.25 (CET).

Mission: Planet

The fight against climate change is a critically important topic of Summit. Together with the UN Global Compact, we organized a debate: “Role of female leaders in fighting climate and pandemic crisis“. Sarah Hendriks, Program Director of UN Women will also make an important speech about the UN’s global activities on women and the climate. Summit participants will also be able to play the game – “Where is panda?” – the aim of which is to draw attention to endangered species of animals.


At the Summit, visit the Communities Zone. It is a stage where you will learn about initiatives and organizations from around the world working for women in new technologies and that solve key social and environmental problems of the modern world. Come! Listen! Work!


We are still adding places to selected workshops. You can buy them via