Perspektywy Women in Tech Team calls on participants to contribute to WWF

Although we are facing a grave health crisis, we must not forget that we share this beautiful world with other species. On the occasion of the first remote Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2020, we want to contribute to the NATURE that seems to be so far away from where we are sitting right now.

We want to reflect on what we can do better.
The least we can do is to admit that we are the cause of:

🌍 deforestation depriving pandas their habitat;
🌍 rising the temperature of the oceans that makes seals hunting harder;
🌍 hunting mouse deers so intensively they were assumed extinct for more than 30 years;
🌍 treating rhino’s horn as a trophy and magical medicine
🌍 littering the oceans with plastic that is being mistaken for food by turtles…
and so much more that we cannot undo for all those endangered species.


Perspektywy Women in Tech Team calls on 10,000 event participants from all over the globe to contribute to the fundraiser for WWF that is working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and the wildlife. Organizers of the Summit want to make sure that the participants leave their conference not only with tech experience, but also the awareness of what could be changed with it.

Join the game “Where is Panda?” during the Summit and let’s make the end of 2020 greener together.