Bialystok University of Technology compiles Polish-English-Ukrainian dictionary

Dear colleagues in Poland and Ukraine,

We know that many of our Ukrainian colleagues are residing in Poland and that universities have a lot of cooperation between them. We wish to share with you an initiative by our colleagues at Bialystok University of Technology who have created a Polish-English-Ukrainian dictionary with specialised terminology in the field of sciences engineering and technical as well as in the field of social sciences.

Hopefully, this can be a handbook that is of use to some of you. There will most likely be two more volumes coming out this year.

You will find the dictionary here:
Podręcznik-słownik specjalistycznej terminologii w dziedzinie nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych i w dziedzinie nauk społecznych (polsko-angielsko-ukraiński) (

Kind regards,

The Baltic University Programme
Uppsala University