Warsaw to host international conference on climate change

On October 19-21 the international conference will be taking place in Warsaw with the aim to provide a platform for exchanging knowledge on the latest research results and technical solutions for Challenges for Life Quality in the context of Climate Change.

The central theme of the conference revolves around the challenges of maintaining high and fair standards of human life in the built-up urban environment. It focuses on the overlapping of mitigation and adaptation strategies in this complex system, as cities grapple with population density and anthropogenic shifts. Attendees for this event will discuss challenges and seek tools and solutions that can bolster the best developmental path.

The discussion panel will provide comprehensive and profound insights into the problems of climate change and their ramifications on the quality of human life in the urban environment. Speakers from different countries representing various organizations will tackle the challenges and main directions of development that cities must pursue in the face of climate change. They will also discuss the most critical tools to stimulate climate neutrality and ensure a secure future for urban living.

Thematic panels are organized around three primary blocks:

Block 1: Green materials and the promotion of the environmentally safe use of resources, environmental pollution related to climate change and its impact on the quality of human life.

Block 2: Green buildings and circularity within cities, particularly in the context of the smart city concept.

Block 3: Sustainable energy use, new and unconventional energy sources, and the challenges inherent in managing energy consumption.

A side event around the conference is a workshop for young scientists and students. This workshop is expected to spark a discussion on the current challenges related to adaptation and mitigation concerning climate change in cities, providing a platform for the exchange of relevant experiences.

The workshop aims to broaden knowledge and promote better understanding of mitigation and adaptation strategies, as well as their interrelationships.

The integration of researchers from diverse disciplines enables interaction and the sharing of experiences and knowledge to achieve the common European and Paris Agreement target of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through a socially equitable transition in a cost-efficient manner. Of particular concern are the challenges that Ukraine faces in determining the optimal directions of development after the end of the war, with a focus on climate change and the good quality of human life.

The conference will be hosting a leading speaker line-up including the experts from the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, namely, Dr. Halyna Bielokha, Prof. Sergey Denisyuk, Prof. Denys Derevianko, Prof. Anatolii Omelchuk and Prof. Vladimir Popov.

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