Womens’ Leadership 2021: Technology, Business, Science

Women account for only 6% of CEOs of the world’s largest companies. In Poland women make up about 15% of board members in the pre-cited companies (the EU averages 25%), and their share in the senior management approximates 30% (about 20% in the tech industry). They also make up 1/3 of innovative startup owners. About 8% of university rectors are women. The study shows that organizations with more active participation of women achieve better results from a financial and managerial perspective.

The creators of the “Women’s Leadership 2021. Technology, Business, Science,” namely, the Perspektywy Education Foundation and the Citi Foundation, addressed the following questions: What are the determinants of women’s leadership in technology and science, and how can they be fostered?

More information: http://womenintech.perspektywy.org/womens-leadership-2021/