16 Funny Pet Slang Words You Never Realized Existed

Humans already talk to their pets in baby voices, so why not throw in a few of these ridiculously hilarious words as well?

The world of pet slang

Everyone knows what it means when people say “wag” or “bark” or “rollover” but now that the trend of having Instagram accounts for your pet and Facebook fan pages for different breeds is gaining popularity, a few slang words have been added to the pet owner vocabulary that you might not be familiar with. Your dog may not be able to respond to these funny pet slang words, but this is what their tail is trying to tell you.


A sploot is an adorable looking stretch that dogs can do. It’s typically associated with corgis, but most types of cats and dogs can also do it. A sploot is when a pet lays on their stomach and stretches their back legs out behind them. A half-sploot or side-sploot is when they only extend one leg behind them. These are the things your dog wishes you knew.


Dogs no longer bark, they bork. If you listen closely to a talkative dog, it actually sounds like they’re saying “bork.” Dogs try to communicate through barking—here are the secrets they try to tell you.


A mlem is when a dog, cat, or even a reptile sticks their tongue in and out of their mouth quickly. It might be to lap up some water, eat, or just taste the air. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about your cat.


If a dog or cat has ever stuck their cute nose in your face, you know that it is almost impossible to not give it a little tap. That motion, accompanied by saying the word, “boop” is called a boop. If your cat lets you boop their nose, it’s probably one of the signs that your cat trusts you.


You can probably guess what this one means. A dog or cat is classified as a floof if they have a lot of hair, so much so, that it makes them look five times bigger than they actually are. These are the things your cat would love to tell you.


The word snoot is already in the dictionary meaning snout or nose. It’s not often used to describe human noses, but it’s a great word to describe a dog’s nose. You need to see these funny dog photos.


Every dog is a doggo. There’s no rhyme or reason behind it, it’s just a cuter way of saying dog. You can even apply it to animals that aren’t dogs—for example, water doggos are seals. See the 50 cutest dog breeds as puppies.


Pupper is just like doggo, but it is used to describe a puppy. Some people also use it to describe full-grown dogs that they find extra adorable. These are the world’s tiniest dog breeds.


Woofer is used to describe a larger, burlier dog, the opposite of pupper. Check out 13 of the world’s biggest dog breeds.


Some pets are so tiny and cute that calling them small doesn’t cut it. Using the word “smol” to describe a dog or cat means that they are a super little puppy or kitten and extra cute. See what the cutest cat breeds look like as kittens.


Every pet owner is probably familiar with zoomies. When your cat or dog has zoomies, it means that they got a burst of energy and will run around in circles or start getting really excited out of the blue. This is how much exercise your dog really needs.


A derp is an expression of confusion, awkwardness, or cluelessness from a dog or cat. A good example is a pet that leaves their tongue hanging out. Avoid these dangerous mistakes that cat owners should never make.


A blep is similar to a derp in that your pet sticks their tongue out, but a blep is much faster. They only stick their tongue out for a quick second and then put it back in their mouth. These are the pet combinations that are most likely to hate each other.

Toe beans

Your pet’s toe beans are the adorable pads they have on the bottom of their paws. They look cute but try not to squeeze them too hard because you could get clawed. Avoid these things you’re probably doing that veterinarians wouldn’t do.


In addition to barking (borking), dogs also boof. A boof is a lower deeper bark—where they may not even open their mouth—that a dog will use if slightly intimidated or if they know they will get yelled at for being loud. Watch out for these signs your dog is sick.


This is another one that is pretty self-explanatory. Teef or teefies are when your pet shows off their teeth to you. It might be a smile or just an awkward look they give you when their lip gets stuck on their teeth. To make sure your dog’s teeth stay nice and clean, learn about how often you should be brushing them.

Source: Reader’s Digest