A mini-sculpture of Chicken Kyiv cutlet was set in the capital

Residents and guests of Kyiv have now an opportunity not only to see how the capital’s symbol looks like but also learn interesting facts about it.

By “The Press of Ukraine”.

Ukrainian blogger Yulia Bevzenko started the implementation of her ambitious “Search” project. It involves the installation of small sculptures in the capital of Ukraine to attract attention of both Kyiv inhabitants so its guests.

So, the first mini-sculpture appeared near Chicken Kyiv Restaurant. The Chicken Kyiv cutlet is a symbol of Kyiv. The sculpture is made of bronze. It was created by Sergii Halenko.

“When you find it and scan the QR code, you will learn what it is famous for. And the same will be with each subsequent Kyiv symbol: find, scan the QR-code to know information about it, and go seek the next one,” Y.Bevzenko added.She wrote on her page in the social network that the project does not intend to advertise this or that establishment where sculptures will be placed. According to her words, the capital’s symbols will also be installed in simple courtyards.“I would like you to understand that there is no hidden advertising of specific restaurants and it is not a marketing campaign – this is my desire and ability to help businessmen to understand why they should put a Kyiv sculpture near their establishments,” remarked Bevzenko.

As it was reported earlier the statue devoted to Tombili, the cat, was installed in Turkey. The animal was used to sit in a thoughtful manner near the pavement and that made it famous.Entrenamientos para correr