Kyiv Polytechnic Lyceum students win gold medals at European exhibition of creativity and innovation in Romania

The European exhibition of creativity and innovation, EUROINVENT 2023, held in Iasi, Romania, in mid-May, showcased projects from 750 young inventors representing various countries. Notably, three students from the Polytechnic Lyceum under Ukraine’s Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute won gold medals.

One of the winners, Mykhailo Mutskyi improved a technology for producing porous aluminum.

Another remarkable achievement came from Andrii Mavrin, who devised a cryo-vibrating method for recycling tires. Last year he also won a gold medal for his project and the Canadian Special Award of Excellence at the 7th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2022, organized by the Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS).

Anastasia Kurulenko, the third winner, developed a software program capable of identifying risk groups for cardiovascular disease. Specifically, the software system is geared to identify individuals at high risk of cardiovascular disease during surveys, even in workplace settings, enabling them to promptly seek medical attention from their family physicians.

The program is based on 10 most important cardiovascular risk factors. Patients, who undergo testing, are categorized into high, medium, and low-risk groups. The Kurulenko’s program generates the automated pie chart that illustrates the percentage of individuals in each risk group, providing valuable insights to the survey administrator.

It is worth noting too that Anastasiia Kurulenko’s remarkable talent was recognized at INOVA 2022, the 46th International Invention Show held in Osijek, Croatia, in mid-October 2022, where she was awarded a gold medal for her innovation.

Overall, the Kyiv Polytechnic Lyceum students have once again demonstrated their remarkable skills and creativity, securing well-deserved recognition on the international level. Their achievements are a testament to their dedication and passion for innovation.

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