Zbigniew Szczepanek is one the best modern watercolorist of Europe. The polish painter who is as well the historian-reconstructor devoted his last years to the castle theme. Published in 2008, the album “Zamki na Kresach” included a lot of pictures of fortification constructions that have existed before and have survived on the territory of Ukraine.

The works of Szczepanek are characterized by high level skills and accuracy. In addition, the author has his own artistic vision. Buildings from former Polish borders are painted in a special atmosphere of colors and lines.

There are many castles on the pictures, which today can only be seen in ruins. The fortresses were reconstructed by the brush of artist after detailed learning of archives and literary descriptions. On paintings there are such old buildings which unfortunately do not exist now.

So we suggest you to look at paintings on which the majestic Ukrainian architecture comes to life.


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