What can be a best decision for a student, who wants to see something new, to look outside of the metaphorical box?

Well, there is no one absolutely right answer to this question. I can only say that we have chosen one option that was an answer, and it is Double Master’s Degree Programme within PUT and Igor Sikorsky KPI. Honestly, it was not easy to make a decision. But it was a unique opportunity to change my life. I admit, that I was very nervous during preparing for my study in Poznan, but when I finally got here I was really amazed and calmed down by a lot of things.

Poznan is a very beautiful city, where Old town is naturally and stylishly mixed with contemporary buildings. We got an opportunity to observe this beauty during the Polish culture week organized by the Poznan University of Technology for new coming students. During this week we were guided around the city and around the university campus. A lot of historic places opened before us, such as old city fortifications, the imperial castle of Wilhelm II and noblemen palace in Kórnik. The university offers good facilities to study such as a new library, laboratories with modern equipment to make researches. Students of university are really satisfied by the campus, its location and possibilities which make it the perfect place for studying.

As for the study, from the very beginning I thought, that having lessons in English would be difficult, but it appeared quite possible. All teachers explain subjects clearly and distinct, and the shortened version of information is always in front of our eyes in the form of presentations. More over, PUT offers you an ability for socializing and self-affirmation. A good example of it is Intercultural Café, regularly organized by the Lifelong Learning and International Education Office. At the last meeting the students introduced the countries they came from and their unique points. As new comers, we had been a bit nervous at the beginning. But pleasant and friendly atmosphere made us more confident before our presentation about Ukraine and our Alma Mater – Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Intercultural Café was a good opportunity to make friends with students all over the world. Chattering with them in short breaks between presentations helped us to open a lot of new about the countries of their origin. It was interesting and useful experience for us, and we are looking forward for the next event, organized by Intercultural Café.

A lot of new friends, a lot of joy, a lot of knowledge – that list can be continued for eternity, if we start to describe, what have we got know from learning in PUT. And the most interesting and amazing things are ahead! So, if someone asks me: “Was it worth it?”, I will definitely answer:” Yes!”

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Dziennik Kijowski